International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education

Volume 13, No. 1. IEJEE

Dear IEJEE Readers,

Since March 2020, we have been going through a tough time due to COVID-19 pandemic. Schools and universities had to change their way of arranging instructions and seminars. Faculties and students had to stay away from their campuses for several months. They had to set up alternative solutions for educational activities. Many schools and universities still offer full-time or partial virtual courses. Social distancing is still a vital precaution to protect yourself against the virus.

Researchers had to take a break from their research activities or they had to change their methods.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has negatively affected our ‘free movements’, collaboration and socialization and to do so. Also, we have to admit that we have learned a lot. We learned how to find creative solutions in challenging times. Thanks to ICT, we have learned to reach each other and our students through different technologies.

Published: October 13, 2020