International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education

Volume 6, No. 2. IEJEE

It’s a great pleasure for me to present you one of the most comprehensive issues of
International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education; Volume 6, Issue 2.
In eleven papers, eighteen scholars are addressing and exploring important
educational topics like academic self-concept, developing reading skills among children
with reading difficulties, theory of mind, self-concept, gender-role orientation, student’s
perspective on leadership, children’s enjoyment, interest, and comprehension of
graphic novels compared to heavily-illustrated and traditional novels, the role of nonchallenging
education and teacher control as factors for marginalization of students in
diverse settings, teachers’ thinking styles and their attitutes to teaching, mathematic
teacher candidates’ problem solving skills, a comparative study of education of
linguistic minority students in Los Angeles and Oslo, the role of drawings in evoking
interest for a carrier as math teacher and underrepresentation of male in teacher

Published: March 15, 2014