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Vol 12 No 5 (2020): IEJEE

Dear IEJEE Reader,

It’s a great pleasure for me to present this issue of International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE) for you while COVID-19-pandemien threatens our civilization. Our daily working-routines, social interactions and social communication are negatively affected. Many businesses are closed and huge number of people lost their jobs. Children and students found themselves in unusual situations and exposed for unusual learning environments. They faced many different challenges that not any other generations experienced and thus many of us academicians felt us helpless, but thanks to ICTs that help us to provide acceptable conditions for their learning. Read more...


Published: 2020-07-09


“Errorless” Toilet Training: “The Potty Party”

Pages: 453-457

Effects of Several Warm-Up Protocols (Static, Dynamic, No Stretching, Greek Traditional Dance) on Motor Skill Performance in Primary School Students

Pages: 481-487

ICT-Driven Writing and Motor Skills: A Review

Pages: 489-498