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Kamil Özerk


Dear IEJEE Readers,
We are proud of presenting Volume 11, issue 4 of International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE) for our readers. As the Editor-in-Chief of IEJEE, I always look for reading the submitted papers and the accepted version of the papers before publication.
I am always amazed by the informative tittles, but this time I decided to take a look at the key words mentioned in all the fourteen papers. I would like to share the key words with you:
Reading Fluency, Learning Problems, Single-Case Study, Reading Racetracks, Primary School, Social Studies, Spatial Perception Ability, Google Earth, Mixed Method, Vocabulary Acquisition, Vocabulary Instruction, Pleasure Reading, Efficiency, Intercultural Education, Ethnocentrism, Teacher Training, Visual Arts Education, Elementary School, Special Education, Opportunities to Respond, Positive Reinforcement, Professional Development, In-Service Training, Reflective Thinking, Action Research, Mentally Handicapped Children, Fatherhood, Psychological Resilience, Multiple-Choice, Classical Written, Open-Ended Questions, Metaphor, Environmental Knowledge, Environmental behavior, Middle School, Active Learning, Local Environment, Conceptual Change, Misconception, Pedagogical Puppetry, Educational Methods, Secondary Education, Literature Review, Values, Respect, Respecting Differences, Morality, Interculturality, Empathy, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Verification Technique, Meaning Identification Technique, Cloze Test, Social learning, Visual Culture and Observational Learning,
These keywords are not only informative, but also they represent important topics in education. They are among the contemporary educational issues that worth to address from different approaches in different social environments.
I hope you will find at least one of the papers relevant for your interest and/or field of research.


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