International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education

Creating a Community of Caring within the School

Author Biography

Stacey Keown

Stacey Keown is an Assistant Professor of Education specialized in Literacy and Special Education. Stacey has taught courses on reading strategies, exceptionalities, and leadership.  Her research interests include classroom/school culture, students with exceptionalities, and grit factors within the classroom.    

Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll is an Assistant Professor of Education specialized in organizational culture and community leadership. Rob has taught courses in school administration, community collaboration, and students with exceptionalities. His research interests include organizational culture, leadership for impact, community leadership, and models of child-centrism.    

Jill Raisor

Jill Raisor is an Associate Professor of Education specialized in Early Childhood Education.  Jill has taught courses on guidance, play, and integrated curriculum.  Her research interests include relational aggression, social hierarchies, play, and developmentally appropriate practice.