International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education


Special Issue:

Typical and atypical mathematics learning: What do we learn from recent studies?

We invite contributors to present and discuss typical and atypical mathematics learning. Poor mathematical abilities have a substantial societal impact. This special issue aims to bring together original papers and reviews about typical and atypical learning of mathematics that have impact on educational policy or elementary school practice. Potential topics include but are not limited to: 

° Students with special needs and mathematics education.

° Mathematical disabilities in elementary school children

° Individual differences in mathematics and the extent to which this is related to domain-specific or domain-general factor

° The extent to which learning of mathematics is related opportunity or propensity factors

° Interventions and effect studies of interventions focusing on mathematical ability

All papers will be evaluated by at least two reviewers.  Papers should be written according to APA 7 style. There is no page limitations for IEJEE. There is also no publication costs for special issue papers. Please see for details at:

Papers should be submitted using the on-line system before the 15th of December 2021, to be published in February of 2022. For more information see the journals homepage:

Authors should state that they are applying for the special issue.

For any further questions, please contact the Special Issue Editors.


Annemie Desoete ([email protected])
Gökhan Özsoy ([email protected])
Özlem Dogan Temur ([email protected])