Introduction to Special Issue: Out of School Education

Christian W. BECK, Thomas SPIEGLER


We have gladly accepted the invitation to be guest editors for the Autumn 2010 volume of the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE), which is entitled: “Out of school education”. In this volume we present recent contributions to home education research. The team of authors in the journal represents not only the interdisciplinarity of the contemporary home education research but also its internationality. The six contributors come from five different countries and we are glad to have been able to include some new voices in this group.


Introduction to Special Issue, Out of School Education

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Paper Details
Topic EU Education Programs
Pages 1 - 3
Issue IEJEE, Volume 3, Issue 1, Special Issue Out of School Education
Date of acceptance 01 October 2010
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Christian W. BECK

University Of Oslo, Norway, Norway


Friedensau University, Germany, Germany