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IEJEE, Volume 9, Issue 4 Volume 9, Issue 4

11 Papers

This issue of the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education comprises eleven articles. When I read the peer-viewed and accepted articles, what struck me was that after each article, I with an impulsive manner said Why not?

IEJEE, Volume 9, Issue 3 Volume 9, Issue 3

13 Papers

In December, 2016, the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE), published a special Issue on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Approaches to Training, Teaching, and Treatment. We received tremendous feedback. It’s encouraging to receive positive feedback from researchers, parents and students. In this ordinary number of IEJEE we present thirteen articles from eight different countries the first article addresses misconceptions among students and how to design appropriate instructional strategies to help them, and the second article discusses the math teachers’ perception and use of mathematical definitions. Another article addresses the factors effecting fourth graders informational text comprehension based on a largescale data from US context.

Treatment, training and teaching of children with autism/autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is one of the important topics for psychologists and educators. This field is a challenging field. Those who are involved in the field as service providers need to be informed about new ideas, concepts, methodological approaches and experiences of the others within the field. Practitioners deserve research based knowledge that can help them to provide better treatment, training and teaching for children with autism/autism spectrum disorders. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education – as an open access journal - decided to devote this year’s special issues to autism/ASD. The main aim is contribution to the field and creation of better treatment, training and teaching opportunities for children - regardless who they are and where they live. 

IEJEE, Volume 9, Issue 1 Volume 9, Issue 1

13 Papers

One of the most exciting moments for my editorship is to read the accepted versions of the papers and put some words about them here.  There are 13 topics are being address in this number of International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE). The importance of the “teachers’ knowledge, attitude, and skills”, “pedagogical content knowledge”, professional competency to utilizing “different teaching methods”: 5E (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate) model enriched with cooperative learning and animations and the importance of the teachers’ “zone of proximal development” are addressed in four papers. 


IEJEE, Volume 8, Issue 4 Volume 8, Issue 4

10 Papers

In this number of the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, you’ll find ten articles. They are addressing several important topics: STEM-education, teacher-student relationship, PISA, professionalism in early childhood education, child-centered reading education, creative writing, Math education, the challenges for Math teachers, teaching English as a third language and factors related to reading comprehension.

IEJEE, Volume 8, Issue 3 Volume 8, Issue 3

13 Papers

International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education is bringing you a comprehensive issue which covers many important topics in the field of elementary education. 

IEJEE, Volume 8, Issue 1 Volume 8, Issue 1

11 Papers

We are excited by presenting you a new issue of International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE). On behalf of our editorial board, as an Editor-in-Chief, I would like to share a message I received from one of our researchers who published a paper in IEJEE. His paper was downloaded by 64 persons within a week. We also noticed that IEJEE is reaching more and more researchers, teachers, students and policy makers, particularly after being indexed in ERIC - Education Resources Information Center, USA.

IEJEE, Volume 7, Issue 3 Volume 7, Issue 3

11 Papers

We, the board of IEJEE, are enthusiastic about publishing a new issue. This enthusiasm has been the same from the first issue. We are not only learning about the scientific knowledge, methods and applications from different kind of countries, but about publishing academic journal. We know that the learning process and the enthusiasm will continue with every issue. 

IEJEE, Volume 7, Issue 2 Volume 7, Issue 2

11 Papers

International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE) offers you a new issue with eleven articles. Twenty three researchers from different research institutions address and explore different educational issues. It is IEJEE’s first time that it comes out with a so expanded issue, a new face and advanced technological solutions, but also..