IEJEE, Volume 9, Issue 2, Special Issue: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Approaches to Training, Teaching, and Treatment

Treatment, training and teaching of children with autism/autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is one of the important topics for psychologists and educators. This field is a challenging field. Those who are involved in the field as service providers need to be informed about new ideas, concepts, methodological approaches and experiences of the others within the field. Practitioners deserve research based knowledge that can help them to provide better treatment, training and teaching for children with autism/autism spectrum disorders. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education – as an open access journal - decided to devote this year’s special issues to autism/ASD. The main aim is contribution to the field and creation of better treatment, training and teaching opportunities for children - regardless who they are and where they live. 

Volume : 9
Issue : 2
Year : 2016
Month : December
Number of papers : 16
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